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Pan-European Conference "Sport and Prison"

16-17 June 2014


French National Olympic and Sports Committee

Maison du sport Français
1 avenue de Pierre de Coubertin
75640 Paris cedex 13



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flemish authorities

De Rode Antraciet

Is a non-profit expert organisation for implementing both sport and culture (exclusively) within the prison sector in Flanders and Brussels, as participation (with)in both sport and cultural activities is a right for all. De Rode Antraciet is a partner organisation of the ‘Flemish Strategic Plan for prisoners’ of the Flemish government and has a management agreement with the ministries of Culture, Sport and Wellbeing.

Starting from each and every person's dignity, possibilities and sense of responsibility, De Rode Antraciet has developed its own cultural and sportive package with a divers, connecting, interactive, educational and specialized approach;  aiming at prisoners and their social environment, at any person confronted with penal proceedings and at people working and living in penitentiary surroundings.

In this way, De Rode Antraciet activates processes of personal growth that multiply the chances of social (re-)integration, and through their methodologies they have their share in humanizing the penitentiary context.

De Rode Antraciet promotes the presence of both the sport and cultural sector in the penitentiary context of Flanders and Brussels (in 2013 De Rode Antraciet is active in 19 local prisons), and combines external expertise of other departments (e.g. Healthcare, Wellbeing, Education, Employment,… ).

Through information, sensibilisation and networkingthe organisation strides for an active culture of encounter, respect and a further humanization of the prison context. The core business of De Rode Antraciet is to promote the ‘cultural’ and ‘sporting’ participation of prisoners, through these three pillars:

-           The non-formal education of De Rode Antraciet offers a qualitative, divers and specialized set of courses (communication, aggression, social relations, restorative justice, …), specifically adapted to the environment of the participants and set up from the perspective that each human being, in whatever situation he/she may be in, can ceate chances for life.

-           The socio-cultural work offers through it’s projects socio-cultural activities. De Rode Antraciet creates the conditions, initiate, monitor, organize and support socio-cultural and socio-artistical initiatives.

-           The sport pillar stimulates prisoners to live, move and do sport in healthy and qualitative circumstances. It therefore employs sport coordinators that create the necessary conditions (from policy plan to organisation) through their network.

De Rode Antraciet represents the departments of Sport and culture within the framework of the Flemish ‘Strategic Plan for prisoners’. Within this Policy Plan, the Flemish government (d.d.2002) states that prisoners lost their freedom but that the offer outside prison needs to be guaranteed within the prison walls (Wellbeing, culture, sport, healthcare, education, work).


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